Digital Cutting Machine also calld CNC Knife cutter, is the main product of AOL. AOL CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of digital cutting machine. The main products have CNC oscillating knife cutting machine, flatbed plotter cutter, cnc knife cutting table, cnc blade cutter. Digital Cutting Machine for sale widely used in clothing, luggage, automotive interiors, fabric sofas, shoes, textiles, advertising, packaging, metal and other industries. For different industries, there are different series digital cutting product. like CNC leather cutting machine, floor mat cutting machine, carton box cutting machine, digital fabric cutting machine, composite material cutting machine, gasket cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc. Specific digital cutting machine configuration and price list, welcome to inquire.
Automatic Textile Cutting Machine
AOL automatic textile cutting machine installed gantry type - tracking adsorption device, effectively solved the problem of cutting on small pieces of material, including knits, wovens, and industrial fabrics. Input marker cut data via USB or through the CAD system network for added flexibility. AOL can not only offer precise, productive and durable industrial fabric cutting machine for sale, but can also supply you with just the right cutting technology for your specific application. Our driven rotary tools, for example, are designed to cut a variety of textile materials with flawless precision. The computerized fabric cutting machine can precisely cut an expansive variety of materials up to 8 cm
Half Hide Leather Cutter
Half hide leather cutter eliminate the need for expensive dies, and reduce the need for manpower, all while processing leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently at the highest levels of quality. AOL CNC half hide leather cutting machine with superior cutting performance, low operating costs, preferential price, and optimized workflow guarantee a quick return on investment. Can cut a variety of materials, including Pu skin, Cow leather, Artificial leather, Synthetic Leather, etc. AOL become the most important partner of leather goods manufacturers.
CNC Gasket Cutting Machine
The CNC gasket cutting machine adopts two tool heads , can be performed simultaneously vibrating knife cutting , flat knife drag cutting, creasing wheel indentation, drawing and so on. You can perform complex processing technology proofing.
Automatic Leather Cutting Machine
The cutting systems of the AOL are designed to fit medium and large sized hides while still being space friendly. Like automatic leather cutting machine, the available dimensions range from the compact 3.2m (width) per 1.6m (lenght) to the huge 6.2m per 2.25m.
CNC Carpet Cutting Machine
Carpet Cutting Machine is specially designed for large sized carpets and mats cutting works. CNC carpwt cutting machine adopts auto feeding system, largely improved the working efficiency. The carpet cutting machine is equipped with a small CCD camera, which can automatically identify the edge of the material and the edge of the pattern, and automatically generate the cutting path. No need complicated cutting path design, the cutting path can be automatically generated directly CNC carpet cutting machine use unique feeding design with rotating table,auto-feeder at back and materials holder at front,can collect the cutting sample when cutting ,saves a lot of energy and time for you. For cutting of car carpets,the AOL carpet cnc cutting machine for sa is the right choice. With its robust construction and the variety of combinations and a possible working width up to 5 m the carpet cnc cutting machine cuts car mats and floor carpets straight from the roll
Car Seat Covers Cutting Machine
The AOL Car Seat Covers Cutting Machine used a high-speed, conveyorized cutting system, designed to cut materials, such as leather car seat cover and car foot pad, for automotive and other interiors. Seat cover and cushion Cutting machine more than 2 times faster than manual cutting in cutting efficiency. The automotive industry moves quickly, the interiors functionality, all is studied to achieve high performance and cheapness. AOL can offer cutting solutions for leather or textile interiors, for mechanical interiors made of composites or foams. Its innovative software and hardware give you complet cutting solutions.
Digital Carbon Fiber Cutting Machine
AOL carbon fiber cutting machine offers customized systems to cut and mill carbon fiber, rubber, foam, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, PTFE, PVC and many other materials. The tangential knife cutting tools, offer smooth, precision cutting of materials such as PVC, polypropylene, while our powerful router is perfect for cutting acrylics and other tougher substrates. 1.The carbon fiber cutter table length break through the traditional limit, transport and installation is much easier. 2.Full automatical feeding with the function of automatic rectifying voluntarily, reduce labour, increase efficiency. 3.No need to open grinding die tools. Meet the needs of small batch customization customers
Well-tailored suit digital flatbed cutter
Our production of well-tailored suit flatbed cutter is an intelligent fabric cutting, which device is successfully solved the traditional cutting (hand scissors, electric clippers) high-technology workers cutting costs,