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2D/3D Crystal Laser Inner Engraving Machine
Features of 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine 1.High precision of 3D positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power and HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency); 2.With friendly operation interface, it is suit for many file formats, such as dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges, etc; 3.High electro-optic conversion efficiency, long life and easy maintenance; 4.Fast marking speed and high processing efficiency.

Application of 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine

1.Decoration materials and glass processing,studio,mirror production.

2.For crystal and glass Crafts ,Souvenirs made.

3.For key press and Glazed ceramic engraving.


Warranty and service:

1. 1 year equipment warranty and maintenance for lifetime.
2. Free installation and test before sending and free training for operators.

3. Advice for the solutions best for customers requirements.

Warranty and service

Our company

AOL is one of the famous professional 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine price is right.

AOL Laser is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Our company has successfully developed laser engraving machine, vibrating knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine series with advanced technology and professional management. We have the trust and support of users at home and abroad, high quality products and perfect service system.
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Our company


Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a factory manufacturing laser machine and we provide perfect after-sale service.
Q2: How can I know your machine work well?
A: Before delivery, we do test the machine working condition for you.
Q3: How can I know your machine is designed for my product?
A: You can send us samples of your product and we test it on machine.
Q4: Do you have a CE certificate?
A: For every model of machine, it has a CE certificate.
Q5:This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
A: We will equip English manual or video that show you how to operate machine. The engineer is available for overseas service.
package details


Parameters of 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine

Laser frequency


marking speed


maximum engraving area

300*400*130 MM

120*120*80 MM

Laser/Laser wavelength

Semiconductor DIODE/532NM

Focus diameter/resolution


working/ beam quality

with high speed scanner+X+Y+Z(5axis)

positioning accuracy


continous working time



air cooling

Life time




Power requirement

single phase 220v or 110v(+/- 10%). 50hz or 60hz


1. Dots cloud
2. for optimizing & control machine
3. 2d convert to 3d software

File format


Suitable material

crystal, acrylic, glass, hard plastic, metal etc.

Working environment

temperature 10-28℃, humidty<70%, non-condensed


Advantages of 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine

1.The product adopts the advanced galvanometer scanner technology together with 2 KHz diode-pumped YAG frequency doubling laser which is faster, the laser point is more thin and bright, the image also will be more elaborate and lively.

2.The key parts of the machine mainly come from Germany and USA.

3.This machine has the software developed independently, which shall laser 2D image like 3D impression. It has original technology, and the engraving range is large.

4.The 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine is suitable for individual production and batch production.

5.Just one machine could be satisfied with capacity for both storefronts network distribution and Electronic network distribution.

6.AOL machine is 5K, the fastest speed in China, we use Gemany Delas Q switch laser model to make sure the laser frequency. Common Chinese laser model 2K, 3K, 4K is cheap but it can not promise the speed.

7.The computer with the machine is Win 7 32 bit, it is also compatible with win8 or win10. The engraving software is compatible almost every form, such as clo./ mbf./ lss./ las./ cad./ pnt./ asc./ eng./ wrl./ v3e./ 3ds./ dxf./ stl./ obj./ off./ cad./ ord fy./ jpg./ bmp. etc.

8.Also the price include 2d to 3d software and a lot 3d design , you can convert 2d people image to 3d by the software direectly.

AOL's main products include intelligent blade cutting machine, 3D crystal inner engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser fiber cutting machine. Welcome to consult!
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